Marcia Gonçalves

branding / visual identity / frontend / adwords and seo

Client Profile

Professional Athlete of Bodybuilder with the need of a complementary online material to present their achievements, photos and images related to the athlete.


- Website (UI/UX Design) - Online Marketing - Website Optimization (SEO)

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    With a new, practical, and user-friendly layout, the website has become an excellent tool to attack the digital market through Adwords and SEO. Very attractive and bringing all the information.


    Recognizing and knowing how to communicate with your audience is a differential in the digital world. Our marketing is prepared for this universe, aiming to achieve concrete results. Google tools and strategic planning were essential tools for increasing conversion and viewing the WEBsite.


    A new visual identity was created according to the company's new strategy approach. Today Marcia works with a greater focus on its target audience, thus, the need to improve and modernize its brand in the market that is constantly evolving.

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